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Pet Boarding from Home is Great
Previously, most people send their pets to pet boarding facilities which houses pets in steel or plastic cages with no common social space resulting in a rather depressing environment. Some even sent their pets to veterinary facilities without realizing most veterinary boarding facilities are of the old-fashioned, cold, and sterile type. Because medical and surgical cases are of higher priority in veterinary hospitals, their pets are likely to be short changed on attention and care. Worst still, their pets are likely to be infected with diseases by other pets which are sick.

Tom and Terry pet boarding differs from normal pet boarding facilities as it is run by individual pet lovers who love entertaining pets in their homes. Often those offering this service have pets of their own so it adds a social element while providing a more ‘homely’ boarding environment. More personal attention is given to your pet which reduces the stress of being in a new environment with unfamiliar human companions. Pricing for these pet boarding alternatives may vary depending on the amenities and level of service chosen by pet parents and value-added options provided by the pet sitter.

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