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Pet Sitting is Great

There are generally two types of pet sitting: Pet sitters that come to the house at specified times to feed, bathe and taking it for a poop, and dog walkers who take your pet for an exercise run around the block. These are the most common services that pet parents look for when they are off for vacation or travelling for work. Some of our elderly and disabled customers hire pet sitters from Tom and Terry to care for their pets or take them out for some exercise.

The exact length of the visit is determined by both pet owners and pet sitters, averaging from fifteen to forty-five minutes. Other pet sitters will not only care for the pets but also live at the pet owner’s house so the pets have a constant companion, or at least a companion at night.

Pricing for these services vary but tend to be priced lower than that of commercial boarding facilities. Most pet sitters bill clients on a per-visit or a per-day basis. Additional charges can be incurred for multiple pets, travel expenses, and other special services. Because the pets are in their own comfortable space many of these charges are unnecessary and reduces stress on your pet.

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